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BROLGA LIFE (Blue & Metallic Gold) by Aboriginal Artist NAMBOOKA


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1 x FQ (Fat Quarter) 50cm x 55cm (19.7” x 22”)


1 x Full Width Strip 25cm x 110cm (9.85” x 44”)


1 x Metre 100cm x 110cm (39.37 x 44")

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2 units = ½ metre 50cm x 110cm (19.7” x 44”)

3 units = ¾ metre 75cm x 110cm (29.5” x 44")

4 units = 1 metre 100cm x 110cm (39.37” x 44”)


1 metre = 100cm or 39.37"

1 yard = 36 inches or 91.4 centimetres

1 Foot = 12 inches or 30.48 centimetres

(to simplify…1 metre is approx. 3 inches longer than a yard)

FABRIC: 100% Cotton (quilting, apparel, craft)

MANUFACTURER: M & S Textiles Australia

PALETTE:  Multicoloured: Rich blue with metallic gold design.

AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL ARTIST: NAMBOOKA (BEA EDWARDS is a highly regarded designer in Victoria, Australia and in this design she has captured the moves and skill of the Brolga bird in her artwork with her dreaming.  Nambooka's work for M&S Textiles Australia is valuable and benefits her Aboriginal community.  

THE DREAMTIME STORY OF DESIGN: The Brolga is a common wetland bird related to the Crane family that is found in Australia.  The bird is also known as the Australian Crane.

In the Aboriginal Dreamtime, there is a story that the Brolga was once a beautiful young lady who had an extraordinary dancing skills.  People came from various lands just to see her dancing like the wind.  Elders from various tribes and communities gathered on her stage where they also discussed communal matters.

One day an evil spirit spied Brolga and spun her away while she was practicing her dance.  Family and friends of Brolga searched everywhere for her until she was eventually found on a distant plain.  But upon discovery, the evil spirit then vanished into the sky taking Brolga with him.  

Not long after Brolga had vanished into the sky, a beautiful bird appeared that stretched its wings and made moves that resembled Brolga's dance.  The bird danced with such skill and grace that people began to say that Brolga's spirit had escaped from the evil spirit and had become a beautiful bird, the Brolga.

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