We're Finally Open For Business! Sunday 9 January 2017


We are finally open for business! But in no way are our shelves fully stocked!

We want your shopping experience to be a fabulous one, but we know there will most likely be a few little startup 'glitches', so we beg your patience while we sort these out.

Please rest assured that you can shop in privacy and safety in this store.  We use the Shopify platform that has a Five Star security rating.  We also use the secure SS1 rated Shopify Checkout as well as PayPal.  (Your credit card details are at no time visible to us).

If you see that an item you wanted is SOLD OUT, it is very likely that we have the product on hand, but haven't edited the photos and updated the listing yet. Please don't hesitate to ask. (We're having to process about 6,000 photos and write about 2,000 item descriptions, and we're way behind).

We have a huge amount of stock waiting to be listed, and we are expecting more to arrive within the coming weeks! So, please continue to drop by from time to time to see what's new.

Many of you will already be customers from our other stores on eBay and Etsy and know that we have a 100% and 5 Star rating in both stores.  We've operated the eBay and Etsy stores since the beginning of 2014, have been blessed with over 16,500 Facebook followers, and believe it is now time to open our own online store where we can provide a much better service to our customers.  We will, of course, still operate our eBay and Etsy stores, but with reduced merchandise.

If you have shopped with us before in one of our other stores you will have received Repeat Buyer Discount code with your order.  You may now use those codes in this store and receive a Repeat Buyer Discount until the codes expire in January 2018 when new codes will be issued.  

Get to know us better! Please join us on Facebook:  Tuppy's Aussie Fabrics

If you wish to contact us you may do so by email:  tuppy@tuppysaussiefabrics.com

Thanks for dropping by!




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