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Exactly a week ago we opened this store, and we are overwhelmed by your positive response!  

We still have thousands of fabrics and items to add to our shelves in the various 'departments'.  Photographing, cataloguing and then writing a unique description of each item takes time.  But we'll eventually get there.  Please drop by from time to time to see what's new.  If what you're looking for is not here, you may find it in either of our other Etsy or eBay Stores.  Just Google TuppysAussieFabrics and you'll find those other stores.  Or....visit us on Facebook for more information:  Tuppy's Aussie Fabrics

Thank you so much to those of you who sent wonderful congratulatory emails and for your glowing reviews of the site.  It is encouraging to know that you're finding the site easy to negotiate.

Just a couple of little tips:    

CHANGING CURRENCY:  At the top of the page you'll see AUD.  Click on this and a dropdown list will appear from which you can select the currency of your choice.

YOU'RE SELECTING A STORE CATEGORY 'SQUARE' BUT NOTHING APPEARS?  Okay....if you are using a handheld device this happens and can make you believe there are no listings to see.  So...click on the 4 little blue bars.  Once you do this fabrics and new selections will appear.

FOR FAST SEARCH:  Nothing is worse than having to plough through hundreds of fabrics to try and find the colour and print you're after.  If, for example, you are looking for Liberty fabric but only want pink, use the search bar at the top of the page and just type in 'liberty pink'.  When you do this, all pink Liberty fabric will appear. You can do this with any of the fabric or yarn brands and themes.  Want stripes?  type in 'red stripes', and so on.


CASTAWAY is Liberty's new Seasonal Release for Spring/Sumer 2017.  Unlike the Classics range, Seasonal Releases are Limited Edition, so you will need to be fast if you want to collect these fabrics.  Castaway is an entrancing new collection of prints which take cues from the tropical diversity of the Balearic Islands.  Beautiful designs inspired by tropical reefs, islands, and life in the tropics are the main feature.  This is a truly fresh and different collection and will be on our shelves some time in next couple of weeks.

THE LITTLE LAND OF RHYME:  We have Liberty's special limited edition release for children, THE LITTLE LAND OF RHYME in stock.  But....Liberty has asked us not to show photos on our website until after the collection is released in the Northern Hemisphere on July 1 2017.  So, if you're interested in viewing our range, please message us by using the contact 'button' provided and we'll email the photos to you on the condition that you don't publish those photos online.  If you then wish to purchase any of the range, please message us with your order and we'll do a private custom listing for you to purchase.  

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

Kindest regards

Team Tuppy

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