Go up the garden path and turn to the left and you will find the new Tuppy's!

Up this beautiful garden path and to the left is a small cottage, and that cottage now houses Tuppy's Aussie Fabrics!  It is such a pleasure breathing in the scent of lavender, rosemary, roses and other flowers in bloom whilst climbing those stone steps to go to work!
We have moved from hot and humid subtropical Queensland to an almost Mediterranean climate in the beautiful small country town of Donnybrook in South Western Australia.  We moved to be closer to our two daughters and their families who have a farm not far from us, Skating Goose Farm (visit them on Facebook) and also thought we'd 'downsize' from the large home and garden we'd occupied in Queensland.  But our plan to 'downsize' turned out to be an 'upsize'. However, we couldn't resist this 1/2 acre of gorgeous garden which is home to tiny colourful honey eaters and wrens and listening to their cheerful chatter all day long makes us smile. But the raucous, destructive parrots that visit aren't so welcome because they strip the olives off our olive trees, bite the tips off the rose bushes, and generally make a mess. There is another smaller cottage for my sewing studio as well as the larger cottage that now houses our fabric and yarn business. 
We are processing all orders within 1 - 2 business days of receipt and even though we are mailing from rural Western Australia the delivery time for orders is just about the same as it was when we mailed from Queensland. 
As most of you who have shopped with us before already know, we enclose a discount code on a leaflet with each order that gives repeat buyers a discount on unlimited orders until the end of the calendar year.  
A huge thank you to those customers who waited patiently for almost 4 months for us to move and set up our business again.
Stay well, stay safe, and we hope to see you in our store soon.
Tuppy and Phil

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