Covid19 Prevention Policy

After working in our own dental practice for many years before selling it and retiring in December 2020, we are well educated in practising infection control as it was incorporated into our daily way of life for over 50 years. 

We now live in a lightly populated country area 200km south of Perth in Western Australia where, so far, there have been no local lockdowns since Covid19 first came to Australia. But of course there is no room for complacency and we still maintain social distancing, wear masks often, and routinely apply hand sanitiser.  

So in the interest of our customers' safety, as well as our own, we take strict infection control measures against the spread of Covid19 in our store:

  • Our store is online-only and not open to the public, so products are not touched by others.
  • We have been fully vaccinated against Covid19 with AstraZeneca
  • We have no employees, so only the two of us ever handle the products that we sell.
  • Our store is housed in its own building and nobody enters it but us.
  • We double wrap all orders in clean, new packaging, to ensure it is safe to handle when the outer packaging has been removed. (Customers should take precautions when opening their order, as outer packaging may be contaminated during transit).
  • We do not replenish our stock from places that are in lockdown in case Covid19 hitches a ride on the packaging. We only restock once we know that there is little likelihood of Covid19 lurking within our order.  As an extra precaution when a new stock order arrives, we wear gloves and spray external packaging and all internal wrappings with an approved anti-viral product before we unpack.  (Covid19 can live on textiles for up to a week, and on hard surfaces such as plastic for up to a month).
  • We do not accept returns.

We hope the above information helps to reassure our customers so they can buy from us with confidence.

Tuppy & Phil