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Premium quality 100% cotton quilting weight fabric suitable for quilting/patchwork, dressmaking/apparel, soft furnishings and craft.

Purchase continuous lengths by the 1/4m (25cmx112cm) unit:

  • 1 unit  =    25cm x 112cm  (   9.84”x44”)*
  • 2 units =   50cm x 112cm  (   19.7”x44”)
  • 3 units =   75cm x 112cm  (   29.5”x44”)
  • 4 units = 100cm x 112cm  ( 39.37”x44”)
  • 5 units = 125cm x 112cm  (49.21”x 44”)
  • 6 units = 150cm x 112cm  ( 59.07”x44”)
  • 7 units = 175cm x 112cm  ( 68.91”x44”)
  • 8 units = 200cm x 112cm ( 78.75”x44”) etc.


*If you would prefer a Fat Quarter (50cm x 56cm) instead of 25cm strip please leave a message as you go through the checkout.

**Purchases of more than 1 unit of the same fabric will be sent as a single piece.  

FABRIC: 100% Cotton (quilting, apparel, craft)


MANUFACTURER: M & S Textiles Australia

AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL ARTIST:  MARLENE DOOLAN is from Santa Teresa in the Northern Territory.  Her painting shows luminous heavenly bodies suspended in the desert night sky.  The Milky Way is represented as clouds of dots of different sizes and major stars are represented as large dots surrounded by circles.

THE DESIGN: Australian Aboriginal people tell several stories about the seven sisters from the Dreaming Time.  The Dreaming Time is the time of creation of the universe by their ancestors.  This story of seven sisters originated from the cluster of stars in the Taurus constellation.

There were seven sisters who were all beautiful and elegant and every man that saw them wished to marry one of them.  One day, the sisters went into the bush with their digging sticks to gather foods including wood ants, witchery grubs and honey ants.  After a successful expedition they sat down to enjoy a feast, never imagining that a lonely warrior named Warrumma was hiding nearby, watching them.  While the sisters were eating, Warrumma took away two of the digging sticks and hid them.  All of the sisters looked for the two lost sticks in vain, but eventually the five sisters who still had their digging sticks sadly left without the two sisters whose sticks had been taken.

When the five sisters had gone, clever Warrumma came out of hiding and firmly grabbed the remaining two sisters by their waists.  He promised the girls he would take good care of them and would marry them.  The two girls decided that they would pretend to agree to Warrumma's plan while waiting for an opportunity to escape.  One day they were asked to cut pine bark to make a fire.  As soon as the girls climbed the pine trees, those trees started to grow right up to the sky.  Warrumma shouted in vain for the girls to come down, but they kept climbing and were soon warmly welcomed to the sky by their five sisters anxiously waiting for them.  

If you observe the constellation carefully you may see the two freed girls as they arrive at their sisters' camp in the sky.

DISCLAIMER: One of the drawbacks of buying fabric online is that in spite of every effort made by the Seller to provide a photo that represents the true colour of the item, it is impossible to do so, as the colour appears differently on every computer screen. Therefore the item you receive may be a slightly different shade to what appears on your computer screen.

SHIPPING: No online postage calculator is sophisticated enough to accurately compute postage based on both fabric value and weight. You are always welcome to ask us for a postage quote for multiple purchases. Should our automated postage calculator charge you more than 'actual' postage and you have already paid, we will immediately refund the overage.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING delivery times vary depending on the destination, Customs, and local postal service. Orders usually arrive in 10 -21 days although this can extend to 30+ days for Canadian deliveries. Peak period delivery times can delay delivery, especially in the lead up to Christmas.

CUSTOMS DUTY: If you are buying from outside of Australia, it is possible that you may be charged Customs Duty or other charges before your order will be released to you. We are in no way accountable for customs duty, handling fees or taxes that a Buyer may be required to pay upon delivery. We recommend that Buyers check with the appropriate authority in their country before they buy.

RETURNS/EXCHANGES: Whilst every effort is made to accurately process your order, mistakes can occasionally be made.

Exchanges or refunds are at the sole discretion of the Seller. (“I’ve changed my mind” is not an acceptable reason to return an item.) If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact the Seller within 7 days of delivery for pre-approval before returning a purchase for exchange or refund. Unless the Seller has made a mistake and sent the wrong item(s) or the item differs significantly from the item description, the Buyer must pay for return postage. The Seller reserves the right to decide whether to exchange an item of refund the Buyer. If approved, a refund will be credited to the original purchaser's credit card or PayPal account (however they originally paid) and in most cases will not include the original postage/shipping cost. Please allow up to 10 working days after our receipt of the returned item for your refund to be completed.