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SNAKE & EMU by Australian Aboriginal artist W. Evans


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Premium quality 100% cotton quilting weight fabric suitable for quilting/patchwork, dressmaking/apparel, soft furnishings and craft.

Purchase continuous lengths by the 1/4m (25cmx112cm) unit:

  • 1 unit  =    25cm x 112cm  (   9.84”x44”)*
  • 2 units =   50cm x 112cm  (   19.7”x44”)
  • 3 units =   75cm x 112cm  (   29.5”x44”)
  • 4 units = 100cm x 112cm  ( 39.37”x44”)
  • 5 units = 125cm x 112cm  (49.21”x 44”)
  • 6 units = 150cm x 112cm  ( 59.07”x44”)
  • 7 units = 175cm x 112cm  ( 68.91”x44”)
  • 8 units = 200cm x 112cm ( 78.75”x44”) etc.


*If you would prefer a Fat Quarter (50cm x 56cm) instead of 25cm strip please leave a message as you go through the checkout.

**Purchases of more than 1 unit of the same fabric will be sent as a single piece.  

FABRIC: 100% Cotton (quilting, apparel, craft)

MANUFACTURER: M & S Textiles Australia

AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL ARTIST:  W. EVANS - The third photo is of the original artwork that was later printed to fabric.

STORY BEHIND THE DESIGN:   In the Dreamtime all the earth was sleeping. Nothing moved...nothing grew. One day the rainbow serpent woke up from her slumber and came out of the ground. She travelled a long distance and became tired, so she curled up and went to sleep. Her body was heavy which left marks of her sleeping and her winding tracks in the desert sand.

After waking from her sleep, she continued to travel and came back to her original starting place. Here she found a hole, where she thought there were some frogs, so she asked the frogs to come out of the hole. The frogs were slow to come out of the hole because they had drunk too much water and their bellies were heavy. But they eventually came out. The Rainbow Serpent then tickled their stomachs making the frogs laugh. When the frogs laughed, the water came out of their tummies.

According to legend this is how the lakes and rivers were filled with water, and grass and trees sprung up across the previously dry land.

One day the Rainbow Serpent saw an emu (a large ostrich-like bird indigenous to Australia) sitting close to a big tree. The Rainbow Serpent liked the Emu and became her friend. The emu told the serpent that she was laying eggs. A few days later some small emu chicks hatched. The Rainbow Serpent was so happy that she decided to stay. And it was at this time that the Rainbow Serpent also made laws for the inhabitants of the place that allowed everybody to live in peace and harmony.

PALETTE: Multicoloured - shades of yellow, grey, white, brown, white on black

THE DESIGN: Traditional Australian Aboriginal  

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